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AG-input distributors

The agricultural input industry mainly centers on three production areas: crop protection products (pesticides), crop nutrition (fertilizer), and seeds. All these areas are coordinated by pesticide regulations which are defined at both the national and international level. These regulations include practices such as Integrated Soil Fertility and Water Management, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and development of climate-resilient and nutritionally enhanced crop varieties. These developments have resulted in an overall increase in quantity and quality of all agricultural outputs over the years.

Keep track of the latest global agricultural regulations

In this highly dynamic and complex global scenario, Lexagri’s products and services stand out as a comprehensive and extensive solution package, which grants direct access to the most accurate and up-to-date global pesticide regulations. All data compiled from these sources undergoes a thorough validation and harmonization process which allows for reliable and efficient direct cross-comparisons in all major markets globally .

Access the most exhaustive global crop protection data

Our services include full details on registered crop protection products (biologicals, organic production, new generics, parallel imports, minor crops, MRLs, etc.), seeds, logistics and safety details, market volumes and forecasts, registered active substances and much more. Our data is currently being accessed by the most influential agricultural input stakeholders globally in order to stay informed about the latest changes in regulations and to support their decision-making processes.

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Our services

  • Access the data

    Our services grant access to the latest and most comprehensive agriculture global datasets for all stakeholders in the agriculture and food chain industry.

  • Data stewardship and enhancement

    Explore our top-quality, easily accessible and fully harmonized agricultural global datasets and discover how your business can benefit from our data enhancement processes.

  • Stay informed

    All our services offer dedicated features which allow our clients to always stay informed with the latest global agricultural data updates and to tailor both access to and extraction of data.

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