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Food chain Industry

Nowadays, food is a global business with companies sourcing their raw material from various origins and exporting their products internationally. Therefore, food chain stakeholders should have a clear understanding of the different market rules in order to reach market compliance. Global “Farm-to-Fork” policies and international food standards serve as support tools and aim for full transparency in food supply chains. However, keeping track of all changes occurring in different markets with different standards and even different languages, is a complex task.

Boost your supply chain traceability and accuracy

Lexagri offers dedicated and easy-to-use solutions for all stakeholders involved in each of the three global food chain stages: primary production (farming), processing and manufacturing, and distribution. Our data streams are directly linked to the original data sources and they are easily adapted to any profile:

  • Farm Management Information System (FMIS) to support producers by offering full details on Good Agricultural Practices.
  • Laboratory Management Systems (LIMS) to assist quality control bodies with Maximum Residue Levels information.
  • Internal Management Systems for international corporations to strengthen their production schemes
  • Agricultural retailers to expand their crop protection product portfolios

Our harmonized, validated and translated datasets are currently being used by leading stakeholders in the food chain.

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Our services

  • Access the data

    Our services grant access to the latest and most comprehensive agriculture global datasets for all stakeholders in the agriculture and food chain industry.

  • Stay informed

    All our services offer dedicated features which allow our clients to always stay informed with the latest global agricultural data updates and to tailor both access to and extraction of data.

  • Business intelligence

    Discover how our historic aggregated global datasets can enhance your agricultural Business Intelligence processes.

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