FoodChain ID Acquires Lexagri

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Data stewardship and enhancement

Data stewardship and enhancement

The experience Lexagri has acquired over the years through the development of our products by making agricultural data from different sources accessible, allows us to serve as a market reference in agricultural data stewardship. We work hand-in-hand with authorities, industry associations, ag-input industries and public and private organizations which aim to make their data accessible. Our data stewardship practices ensure that Lexagri delivers accessible, usable, safe, and trusted agricultural data which ultimately provides accuracy and transparency to all our partners.

Enhance your datasets, expand your business

In addition, all of our services at Lexagri are founded on one main principle: Data enhancement. Our data enhancement and data harmonization processes transform raw, untreated agricultural data into standardized and validated homogeneous datasets.

This process is comprised of different stages, including the initial data capture from the various sources available globally, the definition of a proof-of-concept environment, implementations of ontologies and dictionaries, cleansing and complementing data discrepancies and final data validations.

This sequence transforms initially incoherent and disjointed data into a fully harmonized and ready-to-use global dataset.

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