FoodChain ID Acquires Lexagri.

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Services for transmission of regulatory data on agricultural inputs in France, using flat files in CSV format.

Advantages of Basagri

  • Basagri’s datasets certified by national Industry and it is continuously updated. Once harmonized it is shared via personal FTP (file transfer protocol).
  • FTP’s are updated on a weekly basis.
  • Data can be delivered through sharing the entire database or by selecting any data fields as requested.
  • There are different subscription profiles which could be combined and transmitted as needed
    • First: up to three active ingredients.
    • Second : basic product base information: phytosanitary, seed, fertilization, biocide, oenology, miscellaneous, etc.
    • Third : if the phytosanitary base has been chosen, choice of the range(s) (agricultural, professional, amateur, organic medium)

Basagri’s formulas

  • Plot monitoring: for production monitoring recording tools
  • Technician: for recommendation tools ensuring the traceability of advice
  • Transport : for tools dedicated to transport
  • Storage : for tools dedicated to storage
  • Logistics: for tools dedicated to packaging

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