FoodChain ID Acquires Lexagri

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A secure transfer service for regulatory data on plant protection products authorised in France. Basagri allows CSV formatted files to be uploaded on a secured personal File Transfer Protocol (FTP) account.

Advantages of Basagri

  • Basagri’s datasets are certified by the plant protection industry in France and updated daily by our team of agronomists.
  • FTP’s are updated on a weekly basis and can be personalized upon request.
  • The scope of the data provided can be tailored to any profile or specific need.
  • Basagri is completely scalable, allowing users to choose:
    • Data type (uses, transport, storage, logistics).
    • Product type (phytosanitary, seed, fertilizer, biocide, oenology, miscellaneous).
    • Product category (agricultural, professional, non-professional, organic medium).

Data types available in Basagri

  • Regulatory uses: production monitoring and traceability tools to support decision making processes.
  • Transport: ADR regulations, etc.
  • Storage: ICPE (classified installations naming system), etc.
  • Logistics: UC, UL, Pack, Gencode, etc.

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